The internet has made life easier for the people of the 21st century. You can do so many things online. The concept of buying things online has been around for a while. The concept of online pharmacies is something that has come up recently.

Need of Data Recording

These websites that provide a platform for people to log into and buy drugs that will then be delivered to their doorstep or their offices, as per preference. Quite convenient we must agree! Who would not want authentic drugs that can be bought online from their mobiles or computers and have them delivered right to their homes. Now what makes the situation even better is that most of the top online pharmacies keep medical records of their patients. Some might be of the opinion that this is intrusive and should not be done as per the rules of doctor patient confidentiality. But imagine this, a patient has a health condition and he orders drugs online. They then forget what drug they ordered and if that happens they have to go through the hassle of going to the doctor again and get themselves checked in order to get the drug. But if the site they ordered from has kept a medical record of them then all they need to do is look it up and they can get the drug again without having to visit the doctor!

Online pharmacies and Data Recording

Now comes the question as to whether all online pharmacies keep a patient record or not. While this system of record keeping is very helpful, not all Pharmacy websites keep a record of their patients. According to section 338.0100 of the Missouri Legislature, every permit holder of a licensed pharmacy will have to keep proper records in an orderly manner for a period of five years at the least. They will have to hand the records over to the court before the judge and a grand jury when and if required. But such events are rare and very unusual. But if something like this really occurs and it is found out that the pharmacy cannot produce the records then their license shall be revoked and the owner of the pharmacy or website cannot open another any time soon.This law is not valid in all states and thus not all websites follow this rule. Some websites do not keep records at all. People who are too concerned with their privacy can opt to buy from such sites but ultimately there really is nothing to worry about if the sites keep your records.

Some sites are even more helpful and they send you emails or text messages reminding you of refills or if a drug should be continued for a longer course. If needed people can access their medical records and get printouts as doctors may ask for their previous medical history. This is very helpful for both doctors and the patients. In short, keeping medical records of patients is quite useful but not all sites keep them.